Director  : Nick Lawrence.     Choreographer :  Rachel Worsley.   MD : Allan Fouracre


Latin-American music adapted by Ronald Hanmer, book by Phil Park and Bernard Dunn, lyrics by Phil Park

Mexico’s maddest revolutionary ….. a stage coach due to pass by El Rancho Grande with a million American dollars on their way to support the tyrannical rule of the current Presidente.

Ramon, one of Mexico’s promising young bandits, and his assistants Pablo and Pepe, who seldom do anything right!

Lopez, the villainous chief of the local police and Bernardo, the sergeant of police who is more concerned in the musicianship of the police band rather than anything as dull as catching outlaws

Throw in a colourful Aztec ceremony held in a ruined temple with a whiff of revenge in the air ……

Not performed a great deal these days, but was once a great favourite with amateur societies. This romantic comedy is a tongue in cheek tale that is both colourful and lots of fun. the audiences really enjoyed it’s frivolous escapism!

“A Media Luz”, “El Rancho Grande”, “La Cucaracha” and “The Mexican Hat Dance” are just some of the well known songs and dances that feature in this light hearted extravaganza.

A real ‘panto’ of a show. Don’t take it too seriously and it’s great fun to do!

CODS are very grateful to their sponsors for this show.

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