Local Affairs A comedy by Richard Harris

Directed by Carolyn Stoyle

Set in a newly completed modern and fairly upmarket housing estate. Charles is having difficulty finding a suitable outfit for a fancy dress party, with little encouragement from Norma, whose mind is more on her new garden and fitted kitchen. His troubles, however, pall before those occurring in other households on the “superior” Housing development.

David’s wife Hillary arrives home early from a week on a health farm to find her interfering mother-in-law very much in residence, while at number eleven Susan and Keith are unable to enjoy a weekend without their kids, as Susan spends all her time worrying and Keith all his working on his precious motorbike.
Add a suicidal Katy and an incorrect party date and we are set for a confusing evening! Further complications ensue.

CODS produced this very funny play in October 2011. Great fun to do and an interesting challenge to stage, with fast moving entrances and exits and the confusion of the one set being all three houses.