NOTE: Further Risk Assessments will be undertaken for rehearsals requiring movement (in the new year) and for each aspect of the production.


Further information will be added to this page in due course. 



Wednesday rehearsals up to Christmas are as follows:

October 13, 20, 27.    Choral
November 3, 10, 24.  Sound of Music 
November 17.             Choral
December 1.               Choral
December 8, 15.        Sound of Music 

Choral evenings See the text of the recent mail chimp below.
Thank you to those who responded with their thoughts and choices on moving forward with this year’s concerts. The committee have collected and discussed the responses and can conclude that the society have chosen the following:
  • The November concert will be delayed to December and will comprise of a hybrid of Xmas music with a few Best of British (BoB) numbers added in.
  • This will promote the full BoB Concert which will be postponed to September 2022.
  • The committee have settled on the dates of Friday 3rd and Saturday 4thDecember for the new hybrid concert.
  • The preference was for the December Concert to be held in an alternative larger venue, with the BoB Concert (ideally and pandemic-allowing) to be held in its usual Boniface Centre location next September.
  • Ticket prices will be lower than usual as we will not be able to serve food and more information will come out on this as soon as possible, once we’ve got the main specifics arranged.
 As part of our revised Christmas entertainment we would like to include a MUMMERS PLAY. Mummers’ Plays are one of the oldest surviving features of the traditional English Christmas. Mumming in England goes back for over a thousand years. Mumming is best described as early pantomime. The plays are based loosely on the legend of St. George and the dragon. The plays are intended to show the struggle between good and evil. To this end we are looking for members who would like to take part, the play will run for approx. 15 mins and include at least one song. Rehearsals will have to be on a Tuesday or Thursday, and will take place at the end of October and during November. Could you please email Paul to let  him know if you would like to take part.
We would like to gather a working group for this and have offers of help from a couple. However, we would like some more assistance in organising this, so please can you step forward and contact Bec Gooding by clicking HERE ( if you can help out. We need to decide/arrange:
  • New venue – we have already confirmed that QE Lower School is available but would like the working group to look at/arrange this.
  • Layout – e.g. tables/no tables (audience bringing a picnic has been suggested), where do the choir go, bar availability/location.
  • Sound – we have touched-base provisionally with Allan about band availability and Chris Welch re sound system, but need a working group to help/be liaison for this.
  • Decoration – this will need to be limited as the venue will be larger, but we should do something!
The vast majority of jobs will be small, e.g. sending emails/calling people, and the more people we have to help with this, the less people will have to do. So please do put yourself forward – you won’t ever be given anything too difficult and will never be without support!

After having contacted people on the historic interest list, we are pleased to confirm that Gillian MacKenzie has been appointed as Artwork/Set Designer for the production. We also have Mike Palmer who has kindly offered to do our photography, social media (with others) and website again.

We are still short of a Production Manager as unfortunately those on the list were unable to take this on this year. If you are interested in taking on this role – with or without an Assistant – then please contact me by clicking HERE.

  • Principally a Production Manager will need to be someone who has good communication and organisational skills as they will need to be the principal point of contact between the production heads and the committee.
  • They will need to arrange and be available for production meetings once a month(or appoint a deputy in their stead) so that they can ensure everything is proceeding as planned or that any unresolvable queries are directed back to the committee.
  • They will need to be present for both the Get In and Get Out, as well as the 2 weeks leading up to the show (i.e. before and after Get In) – or have an Assistant available to delegate this to if they’re unavailable.
  • We do have plenty of material from previous productions to assist with this, for example, checklists, action plans and Get In/Out task lists.
  • We need the first production meeting to be taking place before the end of October, therefore if you are interested, please reply by clicking HERE before Friday 15th October.

Equally, if you are interested in learning the ropes as an Assistant, please do let me know, as this is a great learning opportunity.

In addition to Production Manager, we also need to appoint a Publicity Manager, so again if you are interested, please email me by clicking HERE . The Publicity Manager is generally responsible for liaising with various parties such as:

  • Sponsors/advertisers
  • Printers for any literature (e.g. tickets, posters or banners)
  • Programme arrangement (e.g. liaising with graphic designer, photographer, and those collating the content info)
  • Social media and website design contacts (i.e. Josh and Mike Palmer)

…plus a few other ad hoc items. Yvonne has been doing a lot of the organising for show publicity and we feel it’s about time we asked if anyone could step up to help her out! We have contact details for the various parties so can provide these to anyone who takes on the role – as well as some advice/assistance on usual practice.

We also need an Audition Panel Chairman. The audition panel usually consists or 4 or 5 people (ideally 5) and includes the Director, Musical Director and Choreographer. So this year on the panel we will have Mike, Allan and one of the choreography team, as well as Buffy who will be assisting both Mike and Allan with the directing of our youth group. We therefore need one more person to step in to act as Chair for the panel, so if you feel this is something you want to do, (as above) please email me by clicking HERE .

  • The Audition Panel Chair does not have a vote as standard, although has the casting vote in the event of any tie between the other four panel members.
  • You will need to be available for both Sunday 5th December (all day) and Monday 6th December (evening) – the latter date to be used only for extenuating circumstances or call backs by the panel in order to pair parts.
  • The Chair will liaise with the panel on the parts being auditioned for and the expectation of the audition day, e.g. who is auditioning by collecting the audition slips.
  • The Chair’s role is to feedback the panel’s decision to the committee for ratification and historically also involved informing all the cast of the decisions. However, as per the voted process change at the recent AGM, results will now be published via MailChimp, on Facebook and on the board in the Town Hall so this will no longer be a requirement.
  • The Chair may be contacted by auditionees after the auditions for panel feedback, and in that circumstance it will be the Chair’s job to ask the rest of the panel for feedback, collate the response and provide this to the member.


Keep Friday 17th December free as we have made arrangements with Downes Crediton Golf Club to enjoy Nessie’s cooking for our Christmas Meal. 

For obvious reasons we missed out last year, so it will be good to get together again for a really nice meal and, of course, Alan’s famous Secret Santa.

The price for the meal is £6 for paid up members and £16 for partners and guests. 

Sign up and meal choice details to follow, for now just put the date in your diary.

Dec 3rd and 4th AD

CODS IN THE SQUARE. Sunday 20th December

A chance for us to perform again for the Crediton community. The Town Square has been a focal point since the tables appeared and there have been entertainments throughout the summer. Hopefully we can arrange a programme for several of the Summer months. 

During the current situation that CODS and everyone else, finds themselves in, please make sure you look out for your Mailchimps.

The Management Team are trying to plan for the future and keep us informed through these emails.

In addition activities we are able to do are advertised through the Mailchimps. 

We look forward to seeing you virtually online in these activities, until we can get together again. 


CODS has an extensive collection of Photos and Video extracts from our shows, plays and concerts.
The photos are now all stored on our own photo archive on SMUGMUG. You can view these directly via the link on this page.
The videos are on our YouTube Channel. Just click the YouTube link at the top or bottom of any of our webpages.
If you have any ideas, suggestions or even just queries please email them to the committee at
The appropriate person will contact you as soon as they are able.
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Note to Members:

These open access pages are relevant to CODS members. They contain dates, forthcoming activities and events, who is who on the committee and sub groups etc

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