NOTE: Further Risk Assessments will be undertaken for rehearsals requiring movement (in the new year) and for each aspect of the production.


Further information will be added to this page in due course. 

Sister Act / Choral rehearsals
The Zoom rehearsals on Wednesdays will continue until we are able to meet face to face on Wednesday 19th May. We will continue with the 3 week cycle but this is changing to 1 Choral followed by 2 Sister Act rehearsals.


  • Weds May 12th – Zoom Choral
  • Mon May 17th – F2F Sister Act – Buffy and Holly
  • Weds May 19th – F2F Sister Act – all cast
  • Sun May 23rd – F2F Sister Act – James and ‘I Could Be That Guy’ dancers and clothing assistants
  • Mon May 24th – F2F Sister Act – Buffy, James, Jonny, Simon, Adam, Georgia, Gracie
  • Weds May 26th – F2F Choral
  • Sun May 30th – F2F Sister Act – ‘Fabulous Baby’ Dancers
  • Mon May 31st – F2F Sister Act – Buffy and Holly
  • Weds June 2nd – F2F Sister Act – all cast
  • Sun June 6th – F2F Sister Act – Buffy, Georgia, Gracie
  • Mon June 7th – F2F Sister Act – Buffy, Holly, Josh
  • Weds June 9th – F2F Choral
  • Sun June 13th – F2F Sister Act – Jonny, Simon, Adam
  • Mon June 14th – F2F Sister Act – TBC
  • Weds June 16th – F2F Sister Act – all cast (no books)
  • Sun June 20th – F2F Sister Act – Jonny, Simon, Adam
*For singing/dance, all cast will be required.
Please note that these dates are entirely dependent on the government’s roadmap and therefore there is a possibility these will be changed. As initially the Face to Face rehearsals will still need to be done under Covid-restrictions. SEE LATEST MAILCHIMP DATED 4th MAY with the Town Hall’s risk assessment and Personal Responsibility Statement (PRS) for those who haven’t already signed one.
Please keep an eye out for these, as you will need to sign and return the PRS to Yvonne before you will be allowed to rehearse Face to Face.
Choral evenings / October production / Panto
As Sister Act has been moved to August, the committee has decided to move the dates of our concerts as it was felt there was insufficient time to be ready 4 weeks after our major production. It was also evident that quite a few of you did not really want to sing until we could be in the same room together.
The dates for our Best of British concerts are now Friday 12th November and Saturday 13th November. There are only 4 more Zoom rehearsals before face to face so maybe some of those who have held back might now give it a try knowing that there will still be plenty of time spent together.
This does mean that at the moment the committee have made the decision not to have either an October production or a Panto. There are some thoughts for some possible Xmas entertainment but this will be decided later.
ROCK OF AGES – Important Update

 A big thanks to those who have already responded to the committee’s Rock of Ages interest request in the recent email.
Following the committee meeting where we had decided to ensure that we still had enough interest from the membership to do the show, Yvonne simultaneously contacted the licensers regarding the show licence to ensure it was still available.

She has unfortunately today received confirmation that the licence is no longer available for amateur performance due to a scheduled professional tour. We are thus no longer able to perform the show, even if the interest we garnered from you all was high enough.

Apologies to those who have already replied. To those who haven’t, don’t worry as the survey will now be closed.

The committee will take a look at alternative options including both whether the show which came very close second in the selection process is still feasible or if we need to go back to the drawing board.

We will update as soon as we can.
Thank you to Julian for these very interesting evenings. 
It was a great opportunity to meet Actors, Directors, Choreographers, Singers, Musicians and Designers.

In case we continue some of these in 2021 the link to the Chance to Meet pages will remain live from this page, though it is not on our Homepage at the present time.  
The button links to the session we had from November/December 2020 

CODS IN THE SQUARE. Sunday 20th December

A chance for us to perform again for the Crediton community. The Town Square has been a focal point since the tables appeared and there have been entertainments throughout the summer. Hopefully we can arrange a programme for several of the Summer months. 

During the current situation that CODS and everyone else, finds themselves in, please make sure you look out for your Mailchimps.

The Management Team are trying to plan for the future and keep us informed through these emails.

In addition activities we are able to do are advertised through the Mailchimps. 

We look forward to seeing you virtually online in these activities, until we can get together again. 


CODS has an extensive collection of Photos and Video extracts from our shows, plays and concerts.
The photos are now all stored on our own photo archive on SMUGMUG. You can view these directly via the link on this page.
The videos are on our YouTube Channel. Just click the YouTube link at the top or bottom of any of our webpages.
If you have any ideas, suggestions or even just queries please email them to the committee at
The appropriate person will contact you as soon as they are able.
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Note to Members:

These open access pages are relevant to CODS members. They contain dates, forthcoming activities and events, who is who on the committee and sub groups etc

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