Written and Directed by  ANDY KIRBY ….  DECEMBER 2017


Just in case you don’t know the story ……..

A good king and queen live in a beautiful castle in a forest. The queen longs for a child of her own, but sadly appears to be unable to have one. Along comes a fairy Godmother who grants the queen a wish to have a child, and the beautiful Snow White is born. Unfortunately, one day when out in the forest playing with the animals, she becomes lost, and after a very long time, finds another castle.

Hoping for some help she goes into the dark, scary castle, she happens upon a magic mirror, which could see many things before it was covered in poisonous paint by the evil queen, but now sadly has no memory, and is only able to comment on what it can see at present. The mirror cannot lie.

Snow White cleans the mirror, which restores its memory. Upon being cleaned, the mirror remembers the past, and, seeing her beauty, warns Snow White to flee to avoid the evil queen.

When the queen returns, the mirror is forced to tell her about the beautiful girl, and admits she is far more beautiful than the queen, which sends the queen into a rage. The evil queen tells a hunter to kill the girl. However, the hunter is a kind man, and is unable to kill the girl, instead presenting the evil queen with a pig’s heart instead.

An evil plot is hatched when the evil queen finds out that Snow White is still living in a cottage with the dwarves. She poisons an apple with a potion causing a sleeping sickness, then casts a spell upon herself to take on the guise of an old lady, to enable her to approach the girl.
This she does, and Snow White takes a bite, believing the apple to be a gift from her lost parents. She falls into a deep sleep, which makes her appear dead.
The dwarves are tipped off by the hunter who comes back to tell them of the plot. Realising she is only asleep, they are told of the one thing which can break the spell – a kiss from a prince!
Will the dwarves find a prince, can he awaken the young girl from her deep sleep, what will become of the evil queen? Will they all live happily ever after?
Who Knows!
CODS very first attempt at a Pantomine, and as far as we can find out, the very first Panto in the history of the Old Town Hall. Every body was asking “Why Six and a Half Dwarves?” Well there is a clue in some of the pictures. Look closely and you are sure to find it ………..
This Panto idea could catch on!