The theme of Heaven and Earth offered a wide variety of music for the choir and the ‘step out’ performers.

Handel, Robbie Williams, Simon and Garfunkel and many other songs and songwriters featured during the evening.

Again our Friends and Members supported us by buying their tickets well in advance, and we were sold out three weeks before the concerts for the second year running. It really plays to be a CODS Friend!

Dean, Frazer, Phil, Allan and Ian as ever were fantastic. What a band! Again in fine form and with Ian playing a wide range of instruments giving variety to the accompaniments.   

The meal, Heavenly Pork and Earthly Vegetables accompanied by a dessert of Clouds of Grapes, went down well with the audience. Anton, Ange and Nicki C and their teams did a fantastic job in the kitchen.

As a footnote we left some questionnaire sheets on each of the tables for our audience to suggest future themes for us to follow.

What will they come up with? We’ll have to wait for next years concerts!

Congratulations and thanks To Mike C who again worked hard at getting us to a fever pitch, well a musical pitch anyway. His Concert committee did a good job selecting the theme and the music to go with it.

The Friday and Saturday of the concerts require a big team effort, and a lot of people worked really hard to make this happen. CODs teamwork at its best.

Finally thanks to our two sponsors, Devondale and Crediton Care Services. It is great to have your support behind us. Thank you.