SEPTEMBER EVENINGS : 15th - 16th September 2023 "MY WAY"

Musical Director : Mike Canning       Rehearsal pianist : Karen Scott.

Once again the CODS Choral season has filled over a third of the CODS year. These months are much enjoyed by the members, and by our regular followers.
It’s a chance for members of the society to socialise together regularly and enjoy the opportunity to make music, as well as work towards the September Concert performances .
Rehearsals began for this show on Wednesday 26th April, and as is usual, continued throughout the summer months.
It was good to see a number of new members joining us for the first time for these concerts. The concerts are a good opportunity to get to know the Society and make new friends.
The title and theme for this year was chosen by our Chairman.
He took up the baton for Choral in 1998 has been the musical director for these concerts up to 2023 when he decided that this year would be his swan-song. Conducting for the last time, Mike was given licence to choose the music for the evenings, and indeed the title of the show as well. Hence ‘My Way’. So starting with that 1998 concert he selected two pieces of music, The Sloop John B and a couple of pieces from Les Miserables. The others were his choice of songs from previous Choral evenings and the two other groups in the area he has been closely associated with. Namely the Men of  Morchard and The Tedburn St Mary Choir.
Once again he has worked hard conducting an ever changing chorus. He was an ever present MD as holidays and other commitments came and went for the members.
Alongside the choral singing a number of members were selected for solos, duets and other items. In addition to the Wednesday rehearsals, they also rehearsed for a goodly number of Mondays as well.
Looking to the future, three of the songs for the evenings were conducted by Nikki, who is taking up the baton, albeit an invisible one, from Mike next year. So the planning for 2024 has already begun!
Putting on any CODS show requires a lot of effort and energy from a lot of people, and our annual concerts are no exception. The difference is there is limited time to get it all together, and to clear away afterwards. So huge thanks go to all those who organised and helped with the various departments. The hall seating, table arrangements, decor. The bar, the draw and the catering. Ticket sales, advertising, promotion, lighting and sound. The list is almost endless. All has to be planned and executed well, to fit into the time available. 
The catering this year was outsourced to a local business, and they did a great job. Sadly our ‘almost resident’ caterer, Anton, was unable to take on the job this year. But in his absence, we should thank him and his helpers for the many hours he has committed to doing this work in previous years. His efforts have considerably helped the funds raised from these evenings over the years. He would also have liked to be singing with us, but sadly had to give this a miss as well.
In addition of course, there is ‘THE BAND’.
Each year they join us for the last rehearsals and the performances. And as ever, they add so much to the evenings. They have done this for many years and it is always a joy to see them, arrive, set up and then give it their best. And my goodness they certainly do that ! 

Allan on Keyboard.

Frazer on Guitar.

Phil on Bass.

Dean on Drums.

Emily on Flute.

A friendly review from NODA

Thanks also to our sponsors for the evenings.………

Devondale Electrical Distributors

Crediton Care Services

Creedy Carver

We really do appreciate your continued support.