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Russell Watson short biog from Hello Magazine.
Born in Salford, Greater Manchester, on November 24, 1966, Russell was just a child when he first realised he could carry a tune. The talented youngster never intended to become a professional, though, until tough times forced him to seek a second job.
With a wife and young family to support, his work as a bolt-cutter wasn’t providing enough money to keep them afloat. So the struggling factory-worker took to singing in nightclubs to earn some extra cash. With a couple of friends playing the organ and drums, he managed to secure regular gigs around northern England, playing a selection of Elvis and Neil Diamond numbers.
Then came the night at Wigan Road working men’s club when a casual remark changed his life forever. The secretary, much impressed with Russell’s singing, suggested he include Nessun Dorma, the dramatic aria from Puccini’s Turandot, in his set.
It was without a doubt the best advice Russell ever received. The audience went crazy for his powerful rendition, inspiring him to include opera numbers in all his shows. Then the chairman of Manchester United football club invited him to sing at Old Trafford. That gig resulted in his debut album, The Voice and the rest, as they say, is musical history.

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